"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

    - alexander the great



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Starting december 1stIMCf will be offering new classes.

I was always an active person. I cheered for 15 years and worked out at Gold’s doing classes or running on the treadmill.

I spent a whole decade either pregnant or changing diapers for my 4 children. Those 10 years were enjoyable but rough. I felt guilty going to the gym at times, and I would have anxiety from everyday stresses all moms face. Sure, the local gym membership was cheap, but I would roam around the gym not knowing what exactly to do.  And if I did do something, I would not push myself at all.
A friend of mine introduced me to crossfit. I was skeptical at first because of the price. I gave it a try and I was hooked!  Having my workouts programmed by a professional, trainers watching and pushing me to reach my fullest potential, and a group of people who feel like family make it all worth it!  And the best part of all, crossfit manages my anxiety without me having to take any medication. This makes me a better wife, mom, teacher, coach, and friend. I've been crossfitting for almost 4 years and even at my ripe age 38, I am still getting stronger with better fitness. Crossfit allows me to take care of myself and I don't feel guilty one bit. PS- my kids think it's pretty cool too. 😎

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

         -Fred devito

                           mommy & me Fit

Mommy and Me Fit is a new class offered at Iron Musket CrossFit that is dedicated to the strength that only motherhood can provide.  This class will offer the opportunity to not only get an amazing and fun workout, but also a chance to share a portion of that class with your child, furthering the already special bond of mother and child. The unparalleled support system, top notch coaching, and programming will build muscular strength, improve overall functional movement, as well as improving both your physical and mental well-being.  Most important of all you will have the opportunity to share this with your child, and help set the example of what a healthy lifestyle entails

                                silver Muskets

Silver Muskets is a new program created by the innovative minds at Iron Musket CrossFit, specifically geared to those ages 65 and up.  More often than not CrossFit is mistakenly seen as young person’s game; however those that benefit the most are often the opposite. CrossFit is founded in the concept of “functional movement” which when simplified is the simply put the movements that facilitate day to day life.  Training functional movements will help improve muscular strength, range of motion, and more importantly overall quality of life. The highly experienced coaches at Iron Musket CrossFit, will guide you daily through your workouts to ensure you are both safely executing the movements and seeking to improve all aspects of your performance.


~Jennifer Dunkin~

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