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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

    - alexander the great



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I had gotten to the point where tying my shoes was a problem, I had limited range of motion in my shoulders, getting out of a chair was difficult since my core muscles were weak and I was becoming the old lady who had fallen and couldn’t get up! I first walked into Iron Musket CrossFit on January 2, 2017 unable to touch my toes, lift 10 lbs. without a struggle or even think about a squat! The coaches scaled each component of the daily WOD to meet my level of ability. I started with going to IMCF three days a week and now go five days a week and can actually do so much more! I can touch my toes, deadlift 135 lbs., front squat 70 lbs., do candlesticks and sit-ups without having to stop at five, and a host of other activities that were previously unattainable. I can run almost 200m before having to walk!
The coaches are encouraging throughout the class and if you are working on your own, always offer strong encouragement and demonstrate proper technique. Any gym I previously went to, I was always on my own with no support, guidance or encouragement. Everyone, whether coach or participant, is supportive and encouraging. As intimidating as it is to feel inadequate to complete the warm up, strength or WOD components, I come out feeling stronger, healthier and having a sense of balance to my life. I have learned that a day without IMCF does not go well! The holistic approach to our individual lives is supported, encouraged and shared by all. We have become a family that is there for each other, some closer than others, through the tears, joys and successes not just in IMCF but our everyday.

One of the most challenging and supportive moments came in a Saturday morning class, something I had avoided because of the teamwork. My fear was letting the rest of my team down since I was the weak link! I pushed through but as I struggled to get the last 15 reps required, I heard Keri-Anne encouraging me on, another teammate counting for me and Russell, down on all fours saying, “You got this. Keep going.” I completed the final rep and it felt so good to be finished and safe enough to face being last. No one complained, just encouraged.

At my age, to feel this healthy and physically successful was something I had not expected.  As much as it would be nice to be as physically toned as many of my younger peers in the box, it is nice to be 35 lbs. lighter, feel inspired to push physical boundaries, know it’s safe to challenge myself and know the support is there to give it a go.
It is incredible IMCF is able to meet the needs of so many, whether through offering child care during the classes, scaling, being accepting of all with handicaps and disabilities (some seen, other not), nutritional guidance, positive role models, the KidFit program, a very gentle physical therapist willing to demonstrate exercises to support our class movements, finding new challenges (such as Lurong), and smiling at all through the classes . . . and let’s not forget the jovial banter and jokes to lighten up even the toughest WOD!

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

         -Fred devito


~Sheri Hoff~

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