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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

    - alexander the great

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

         -Fred devito

I was fortunate to have played sports since I was a toddler. I danced ballet, I played softball, and
finally decided on the sport of soccer when I was seven. What’s kinda funny is that I almost
didn’t make the team my first year. It taught me that nothing in life is handed to you easily. After
that day, let’s just say I made sure that was never going to happen again. I put my down and
worked. That eventually rewarded me with being apart of a tremendous team that no one could
ever imagine being apart of. We became the number one team in the state of West Virginia,
won three state championships and ranked in the top 1000 of soccer teams in the nation. EPIC
Blizzard is the term that can define my whole childhood and our success was all do to the great
coaching we had. Aric taught us the true meaning of hard work and determination, and that the
numbers never mattered as long as you gave it your all. Then came the time to start being an
adult. I had to start to question what I was going to do after soccer. That came one weekend
when I was watching ESPN with my brother and I saw the crossfit games. From then on I was
hooked. I wanted to look like they did, but most importantly I wanted to carry myself like they
did. I wanted to be that strong yet graceful at the same time, but I also wanted to use crossfit as
a way to up my game in soccer. Fitness was always a weakness for me, especially against the
teams we were fortunate to play against. I became obsessed and watched video after video and
read articles with any free time I had. Maddie and I constantly talked about it. We literally never
shut up about wanting to start crossfit. My parents probably wanted to put tape over our mouths
because we wouldn’t stop talking about it for almost a year. Thank goodness we found IMCF
because my parents were most likely at their breaking point. We were hooked from day one. So
much so, we came every day we could and became so torn between soccer and Crossfit, but
now as I write this, there’s a possible reason for that. We were lucky enough growing up to have
literally the most hard working and devoted coach and we never knew if we would find that
again, but then we became apart of the Iron Musket community and we had coaches that I saw
were equally if not more devoted to the craft of crossfit. This community became my new family.
Everyone there inspires, pushes, and makes me proud to call IMCF home. It’s taught me,
especially with college and my future looming, that crossfit will always be apart of my life to help
me with my career in the military and everyday movements as I get older. I have all of that
thanks to Keri-Anne, the coaches, and most importantly everyone who was and is working out
with me for introducing us to the unique and special environment included in the new sport I am
so happy to be apart of.

About two years ago my CrossFit journey began ironically on the couch. It was a weekend that for once I didn’t have some sort of soccer tournament or a game, and I was relaxing, trying to find something on TV when I came across something called the CrossFit Games. I turned on the channel and I couldn’t take my eyes away. From that moment on I was hooked. I watched and learned everything I could about CrossFit.

As a soccer player, I was regularly going to the gym and running and trying to do what I though was at least somewhat CrossFit. Needless to say it was lots of burpees, pushups, and squats, and it came to the point where I felt like I could get so much more out of going to an actual CrossFit gym and surrounding myself with people who know and do the same things I wanted to do. However, there was one thing holding me back… the price. For both my sister and I to go to a CrossFit gym it would cost my parents another arm and a leg on top of what they were paying for highly competitive travel soccer. I was convinced though I would be able to figure it out. I just kept telling myself “I will get there.” I was willing to work for it, and that’s when it hit me. I would barter my membership fees for work.

A couple weeks later, I came in with Calli, did the on ramp, explained our situation, and offered to clean the gym for our membership fees. Next thing I knew I was in the gym and ecstatic to be there. More and more Calli and I were getting involved cleaning the gym every Sunday, and eventually that turned into watching the kids as well. As soccer came to a close, going to the gym became more and more of a priority. I wanted to make leaps and bounds and catch up to what so many others were doing. I wanted to get pull-ups, rope climbs, double-unders, T2B, lift heavier and so much more. I was making little improvements through the year. That little saying, “I will get there” just kept popping into my mind. I kept telling myself that and just began trying as much as I could. As my second Open season comes to its end, it has made me reflect on this past year that I have been involved in CrossFit. This whole time of telling myself “I will get there” had come. I had gotten my pull-up, and double-unders, and T2B, and new lifting PRs. Sure, there are plenty of other things that I need to work on or fix about those things that I already got, but guess what? I will get there, and that’s what I love about CrossFit. No matter what, it makes people push, learn, and get better every day. I wouldn’t have been able to do those things without the atmosphere of the gym and everything Keri-Anne and all the other coaches and members have done. Thanks to everyone in the gym family who has pushed me, suffered with me, and let me watch their kids!


~ Calli & Maddie Maloney ~