I joined Iron Musket at the urging of a coach and only intended to give it a try thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workouts. I admit that it was challenging and I struggled with feeling intimidated by exercises that I had never done before. I wanted to continue with an instructor-led workout and decided to stick with it.

It’s been over three years and I’m happy that I chose to stay. Once I saw through the daunting moments, I began to realize there were many people with varying degrees of ability doing the same workout and making their own progress. My individual progress is really the only thing that matters and my progress has not been in huge leaps. Slow and steady strides have resulted in pride knowing how much stronger I am today than when I started. And I’m still making progress.Having coaching during my workout is what I have found to be the most effective type of workout for me. Each coach at Iron Musket helps me improve whether it’s a push to lift heavier or a different cue to correct my form.  The variety in workouts and the coaching makes all the difference.